Welcome to the new NEMO website

The NEMO System Team is pleased to announce the new collaborative environment for the NEMO project.

A description of all the new features is available below, thus to make it brief, the environment includes a fully new web site as public portal, a reorganised collaborative web platform for users and developers (forge) so as major evolutions of the mailing lists.

This information should help you to find your way through in the documentation, to find answers, to ask for support, etc…  Your hoped contribution is also listed at the end of this message.


As stated in NEMO development strategy document in 2014 (visible after authentication), a better collaborative environment, with specifics for the different access levels, will help both the users community in their interactions and the System Team for building an up-to-date information system.

In order to address those requirements, the NEMO System Team has completely reorganised the collaborative development environment and its tools.
Some actions have been defined and implemented regarding:

  • Opening to an expanded community: all our online content is now visible at first glance and do not need registration anymore, the authentication has been reduced to essentials;
  • Use more appropriate tools for support: previous mailing lists scope was confusing, the list usage has been limited to notifications while usefully complemented by discussion forums;
  • Offer more up-to-date integrated features (discussion forums, tagging engine, HTML and PDF documentation,…) and easiness to update online content

What has been done

New website

The public portal of the project has been completely redesigned and simplified, with the aim of keeping only the main public informations of the project and ensure a coherent first glance at NEMO for all new comers.

The new web site offers an overview of the present state of the NEMO project: description of the modelling framework and the European NEMO consortium organisation, along with a list of the projects using the framework and the up-to-date list of publications on its development and use.

The full site plan can be seen here.

Upgraded development platform

The NEMO forge has been reorganised for clear separation of access levels between visitors, users and developers. Actually almost all resources do not need any authentication, but users still have to register to download NEMO source code and log in to create/comment a ticket or post a message in a forum.

For legacy users with a previous account from the former website, the account:

  • is still valid for downloading/updating your local working copy from our SVN repository but
  • has limited rights on the web platform until you confirm your email address (click on this link and follow the procedure).

Depending on your profile in our community, you will find new content on this reorganised platform for:


  • On-line users documentation, including how to install the framework and run the reference configurations
  • How to set-up your own configuration
  • Forums open for your questions and answers
  • Informations to follow the ongoing and scheduled developments


  • Details on development methods and quality control , including coding rules, how to make changes in the source code
  • Steps to follow our quality control procedure for new developments

Mailing lists scope change

The former lists nemo@locean-ipsl.upmc.fr, nemo_ticket@forge.ipsl.jussieu.fr and nemo_st@locean-ipsl.upmc.fr are now replaced by two informations channels for the NEMO community (click on the addresses below to subscribe).

newsletter@nemo-ocean.eu: to receive the major announcements from the project (new releases, meetings announcements and main informations). This list has a very low traffic and is recommended for all NEMO users, legacy users are already subscribed.

forge@nemo-ocean.eu: to be notified of each event on the NEMO development platform (repository commits, ticket creation/update and forums messages). This list has a very high traffic and is recommended for developers only.

Within the forge, request for modular notifications can be set up in order to follow a specific item in the resources (wiki page, ticket, forum or topic).

Your requested contributions

These evolutions will be useful depending on your usage and contribution to the NEMO community building. You are kindly invited to contribute to the NEMO online content.
These inputs are also of major importance to legitimate the resources for NEMO sustainable development.

On the website, you can add

On the forge, several discussion forums have been created to facilitate the user support, the sharing of information and communications between the whole community.

We have been working on this new collaborative environment for some time now and we hope you will appreciate it. All comments and suggestions are welcome using this contact form.

The NEMO System Team