Met Office

The Met Office ( is the United Kingdom’s national weather and climate service.

NEMO is used as part of the Met Office seamless modelling framework to provide predictions on timescales from days to centuries and spatial scales from the North West European shelf to global domains. Development and maintenance of NEMO configurations is carried out under the UK’s Joint Marine Modelling Program in collaboration with the National Oceanography Centre and British Antarctic Survey.

We use global configurations at 1º, ¼º and 1/12º resolution. All of these resolutions are used as part of the HadGEM3 coupled climate model and form the ocean component of the Met Office contribution to the CMIP6 exercise. The MEDUSA ocean biogeochemistry model is included in the 1º and ¼º configurations as part of the UK earth system model. The ¼º is forced by Met Office weather forecast output to provide operational five day forecasts and coupled to the Met Office UM atmospheric model to provide seasonal to decadal forecasts. Over the coming years it is expected that these systems will be upgraded to 1/12º resolution and coupled models will be used for short term weather and ocean forecasts.

The Met Office developed the Atlantic Margin Model (AMM) configuration in collaboration with the National Oceanography Centre to provide forecasts and analyses of the North West European Shelf region. The current operational version is the AMM7 (7km resolution) and development of AMM15 (1.5km) is underway to complements this in the coming years. The ERSEM ecosystem model can be included in the AMM7 model and is used to provide forecasts and reanalyses.