NEMO for Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean is a state-of-the-art modelling framework of ocean related engines for oceanographic research, operational oceanography, seasonal forecast and [paleo]climate studies.

The physical core engines are OPA (ocean), LIM (sea-ice) and TOP-PISCES (biogeochemistry) which are fully described in their reference publications. They are completed by a 2-way nesting package (AGRIF) and a versatile data assimilation interface (ASM, OBS or TAM).

Shared under CeCILL free software license, the framework contains builtins reference configurations and idealized test cases to serve as examples and to study particular processes. A set of tools is also provided to setup your own configuration, (pre|post)process your data and interact with other models (XIOS and OASIS).

The development is planned by the NEMO European Consortium (5 institutes involved) and implemented by the System Team, in order to keep a reliable evolving system that has already more than 10 years of service.

The range of applications includes oceanographic research, operational oceanography, seasonal forecast and (paleo)climate studies. Used by a large community of users since 2008, not less than 184 projects have been carried out and about 300 publications have been published using the framework.

Have a look at the following talk during 2016 Global Ocean Week of Copernicus European Union Programme that presents status and perspectives of the NEMO framework.

Apart from 'Bibliography' tagged pages, our users/developers can download the NEMO code and find more useful informations or ask for help on the forge platform (wiki, tickets & forums).