System Team

The NEMO System Team is a team of developers charged with the development, distribution and support of the shared NEMO reference.

The NEMO System Team delivers the NEMO Consortium agreement’s  main goal:

Purpose of the Consortium
The purpose of this Agreement is to set up appropriate arrangements for the successful and sustainable development of the NEMO System as a well-organised, state-of-the-art ocean model code system suitable for both research and operational work.

The sustainable development of NEMO is organised as a succession of yearly work-plans elaborated by the System Team, discussed within the Developer’s Committee (Scientific Advisory Board) and endorsed by the Steering Committee (Executive Board).

Role and Responsibilities

The NEMO System Team organises and carries out the work to develop, distribute and support NEMO. This work  includes:

  • Implementation into NEMO of new developments (natural and computer sciences)
  • Re-organisation of code to improve its readability, orthogonality or structure
  • Optimisation of NEMO on the computers available to the consortium
  • Validation of developments
  • Quality control of the code and the developments
  • Documentation (in the code, on-line through the web and Reference Manuals)
  • Distribution of official releases (every ~2years)
  • Availablity of the Reference Configurations, with their input and validation files

The NEMO System Team developers also support users directly whenever possible. This includes:

  •  Providing support to projects on the use of  NEMO and its reference configurations
  •  Support for user meetings (held every 2 years)
  •  Advice and assistance on scientific developments; especially with a view to improve the compatibility and sustainability of external contributions.

NEMO System Team members

The NEMO System Team is primarily composed of experts from the institutions of the NEMO Consortium who dedicate some of their work to NEMO development. The team is also open to experts willing to spend some time for a specific development task. Indeed, a sustainable development in the field of climate modelling requires multiple expertise and additional time to ensure that each new development fulfills the scientific objective and meets quality standards.

How to contact us:

The NEMO System Team is available through the user’s forums.