Reference Configurations and Test Cases

NEMO is distributed with some “Reference Configurations” allowing the user to set up a first application and the developer to validate new developments.

Reference Configurations These configurations cover the main NEMO features and capabilities. They are helpful for a quick start with NEMO. The list of available reference configurations, along with the information for set up, is available here
Test Cases Test cases based on NEMO are available for academic studies, to showcase the functionalities of the model and for training sessions. A description of the test cases, along with information regarding their installation, running and analysis can be found here. If you would like to contribute to these test cases, you can do so via this
open github repository.

Many other configurations of NEMO are developed and used by the community.  A selection of the projects using NEMO (depending on the good will of project participants to register) is available here. Please note that the NEMO System Team (NST) maintains only the Reference Configurations, and does not take charge of any other configurations developed by the community as this falls outside of the NST mandate.