Reference Configurations and Test Cases

NEMO is distributed with some “Reference Configurations” allowing both the user to set up a first application and the developer to validate the developments. The NEMO System Team is taking care of these Reference Configurations, e.g not taking care of all configurations developped in the community.

Reference Configurations A limited set of configurations covering the main NEMO features and capabilities. These configurations are also helpful for a quick start with NEMO. The list of available reference configurations, so as the information to set them up, is available here
Test Cases Test cases based on NEMO are available for academic studies,  to show the behaviour of the model and for training sessions.
Tests cases are available here in an open github repository. Contributions from the community are welcome, to add new tests cases (information available at the above link)

Other configurations are developed and used by some projects with “NEMO inside”. The list of these configurations developped by projects is available (depending on the good will of projects participants) in the list of projects using NEMO here. These “projects configurations” are not supported by NEMO System Team.