Announcement of 4.2.0 release – March 2022

The new NEMO 4.2.0 release is now available and includes a number of new capabilities and features. This release has been quite widely validated since the announcement of the 4.2 Release Candidate a few months ago. It is now available on the fully new NEMO web platform using GitLab, see details below, with a number of new tools and an updated documentation.

This 4.2 release now becomes the officially supported NEMO version. It is highly recommended for new projects to use it from now on, and for existing one to migrate to it.

The relevant starting point to get your hands on and explore this new release is the new users Home page:*

In this file you will find links to:

  • the Users guide giving all details to start with this 4.2.0 release,
  • the migration guide for those already working with previous NEMO versions
  • the CHANGELOG file with the comprehensive list of changes and enhancements
  • the updated Reference Manuals and documentation
  • the new users forums for all your questions and comments
  • the available test cases for outreach, teaching and exploration using light configurations

The NEMO System Team