What is NEMO? 

NEMO (Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean) is a state-of-the-art modeling framework for oceanographic research, operational oceanography seasonal forecast and climate studies.
NEMO includes:

  • 5 major components
    • the blue ocean (ocean dynamics, NEMO-OPA)
    • the white ocean (sea-ice, NEMO-LIM)
    • the green ocean (biogeochemistry, NEMO-TOP) ;
    • the adaptative mesh refinement software (AGRIF) ;
    • the assimilation component NEMO_TAM
  • some reference configurations allowing to set-up and validate the applications ;
  • a set of scripts and tools (including pre- and post-processing) to use the system.

NEMO is used by a large community: 240 projects in 27 countries (14 in Europe, 13 elsewhere), 350 registered users (numbers for year 2008). See "NEMO Projects"

NEMO is available under the CeCILL license (public license).
To gain access to the system, you need to register (click here or on "Register" in top right panel).

The evolution and reliability of NEMO are organised and controlled by a European Consortium created in 2008 between

"Purpose of the Consortium
The purpose of this Agreement is to set up appropriate arrangements for the successful and sustainable development of the NEMO System as a well-organised, state-of-the-art ocean model code system suitable for both research and operational work."

Text of the Consortium Agreement is here:

NEMO is a shared reliable evolving system. These objectives rely on the work of the NEMO System Team.


2014 NEMO Users meeting

First annoucement 2014 Users meeting


3_6_alpha announcement

3_6_alpha annoucement


New IO manager in NEMO v3_4_STABLE?

The NEMO System Team envisages to replace the IOM Input Output Manager by XIOS in the 3_4_STABLE version. Would it be useful or acceptable for you?


NEMO Special Issue in GMD Journal

The NEMO System Team has set up a NEMO Special Issue in Geoscientific Model Development Journal (http://www.geoscientific-model-development.net/index.html ). This Special Issue is open indefinitely in time so that you can submit your paper(s) whenever they are ready.

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North pole meshmask


Meshmask grid