Other Diagnostics (key_ diahth, key_ diaar5)

Aside from the standard model variables, other diagnostics can be computed on-line. The available ready-to-add diagnostics routines can be found in directory DIA. Among the available diagnostics the following ones are obtained when defining the key_ diahth CPP key:

- the mixed layer depth (based on a density criterion [de Boyer Montégut et al., 2004]) (diahth.F90)

- the turbocline depth (based on a turbulent mixing coefficient criterion) (diahth.F90)

- the depth of the 20isotherm (diahth.F90)

- the depth of the thermocline (maximum of the vertical temperature gradient) (diahth.F90)

The poleward heat and salt transports, their advective and diffusive component, and the meriodional stream function can be computed on-line in diaptr.F90 ln_diaptr to true (see the namptr namelist below). When ln_subbas = true, transports and stream function are computed for the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Indo-Pacific Oceans (defined north of 30) as well as for the World Ocean. The sub-basin decomposition requires an input file (subbasins.nc ) which contains three 2D mask arrays, the Indo-Pacific mask been deduced from the sum of the Indian and Pacific mask (Fig 11.1).

&namptr       !   Poleward Transport Diagnostic
   ln_diaptr  = .false.    !  Poleward heat and salt transport (T) or not (F)
   ln_subbas  = .false.     !  Atlantic/Pacific/Indian basins computation (T) or not

Figure 11.1: Decomposition of the World Ocean (here ORCA2) into sub-basin used in to compute the heat and salt transports as well as the meridional stream-function: Atlantic basin (red), Pacific basin (green), Indian basin (bleue), Indo-Pacific basin (bleue+green). Note that semi-enclosed seas (Red, Med and Baltic seas) as well as Hudson Bay are removed from the sub-basins. Note also that the Arctic Ocean has been split into Atlantic and Pacific basins along the North fold line.

In addition, a series of diagnostics has been added in the diaar5.F90. They corresponds to outputs that are required for AR5 simulations (see Section 11.9 below for one of them). Activating those outputs requires to define the key_ diaar5 CPP key.

Gurvan Madec and the NEMO Team
NEMO European Consortium2017-02-17