NEMO 4.0 is out!

The new NEMO 4.0 release is now available and includes a number of new capabilities and features, all described in the release notes here where you will find the comprehensive list of changes and enhancements.

For experienced users the immediate differences will manifest through namelist changes and changes to the configuration interface. The latter has been completely rewritten (DOM module mainly suppressed) and in place external files for all configuration-specific information need to be provided by the user (e.g.,, etc.). Alternatively, simple configurations can be implemented via a set of user-supplied routines based on provided templates ( usr_def routines and modules ).

An initial set of test cases is available, using the new configuration interface.

An effort has been made to phase documentation with the release but there may be an ongoing evolution of documentation for a period post-release. Changes to the code base however will be limited to important bug-fixes only.
Any changes will be announced to all users.

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