Collaborative Environment


This public portal is the first point of contact for the ocean modelling community. Here we present the overall organisation of the NEMO project in terms of both the modelling framework and the European consortium arrangements that underpin its development. Furthermore the community can contribute by reporting applications and outcomes that can be, in any way, credited to NEMO (projects and publications).

Forge: environment and tools for users and developers

Our collaborative web-based platform is composed of:

  • Source code repository under SubVersioN revision control (SVN), to easily share and follow the evolution of the code
  • A Trac-based Wiki and issue tracking system containing all our editable knowledge and development work. In addition, other useful features are available: discussion forums, tagging engine, online documentation and bibliography, …

Github: sharing tests cases based on NEMO

Tests cases are available on a separate github here .  Users and projects are welcome to contribute to this open set of test cases allowing to explore NEMO capabilities and compare them with those of other plateforms.

Mailing lists

Depending on your profile in our community, we offer 2 information channels (click to subscribe by sending void message)

  • for informed users. Very low traffic with the major announcements from the project: new release, general informations, open meetings, …
  • for experienced developers. High traffic with every event in the tools of the forge: commits, tickets and forums. Note it is possible, within Trac, to customise your level of information by subscribing to a specific tool or a specified item.