Reference Configurations and Test Cases

NEMO is distributed with some reference configurations allowing both the user to set up a first application and the developer to validate their developments. The NEMO System Team is only in charge of these reference configurations.

Reference Configurations
  • ORCA family : ORCA2-LIM-TOP (global ocean 2° with tripolar grid), AGRIF and SAS demonstrators
  • GYRE family (double gyre basin)
  • AMM (Atlantic Margin Model)
  • C1D (water column 1D model)
Test Cases Some test cases have also been set up and can be run within NEMO, they are idealized studies to show the behaviour of the model or to illustrate some numerical schemes.
A forum is available on test cases in this page.

Other configurations are developed and used by some projects with “NEMO inside”, they can be shared between NEMO users but with no support from the NEMO System Team.