AMM: atlantic margin configuration

The AMM, Atlantic Margins Model, is a regional model covering the Northwest European Shelf domain on a regular lat-lon grid at approximately 12km horizontal resolution. The appropriate &namcfg namelist is available in CONFIG/AMM12/EXP00/namelist_cfg. It is used to build the correct dimensions of the AMM domain.

This configuration tests several features of NEMO functionality specific to the shelf seas. In particular, the AMM uses $ S$-coordinates in the vertical rather than $ z$-coordinates and is forced with tidal lateral boundary conditions using a flather boundary condition from the BDY module (key_bdy). The AMM configuration uses the GLS (key_zdfgls) turbulence scheme, the VVL non-linear free surface(key_vvl) and time-splitting (key_dynspg_ts).

In addition to the tidal boundary condition the model may also take open boundary conditions from a North Atlantic model. Boundaries may be completely ommited by removing the BDY key (key_bdy). Sample surface fluxes, river forcing and a sample initial restart file are included to test a realistic model run. The Baltic boundary is included within the river input file and is specified as a river source. Unlike ordinary river points the Baltic inputs also include salinity and temperature data.

Gurvan Madec and the NEMO Team
NEMO European Consortium2017-02-17