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PARASO, a circum-Antarctic fully coupled ice-sheet-ocean-sea-ice-atmosphere-land model involving f.ETISh1.7, NEMO3.6, LIM3.6, COSMO5.0 and CLM4.5 (Charles Pelletier, Thierry Fichefet, Hugues Goosse, Konstanze Haubner, Samuel Helsen, Pierre-Vincent Huot, Christoph Kittel, François Klein, Sébastien Le clec'h, Nicole P. M. van Lipzig, Sylvain Marchi, François Massonnet, Pierre Mathiot, Ehsan Moravveji, Eduardo Moreno-Chamarro, Pablo Ortega, Frank Pattyn, Niels Souverijns, Guillian Van Achter, Sam Vanden Broucke, Alexander Vanhulle, Deborah Verfaillie and Lars Zipf), In Geoscientific Model Development, Copernicus GmbH, volume 15, . [bibtex] [doi]


The impact of ocean‐wave coupling on the upper ocean circulation during storm events (Bruciaferri, D., Tonani, M., Lewis, H. W., Siddorn, J. R., Saulter, A., Castillo, J. M., Valiente, N. G., Conley, D., Sykes, P., Ascione, I. and McConnell, N.), In Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, . [bibtex] [doi]
Remote Control of Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf Melt Rates by the Antarctic Slope Current (Bull, Christopher Y. S., Jenkins, Adrian, Jourdain, Nicolas C., Vaňková, Irena, Holland, Paul R., Mathiot, Pierre, Hausmann, Ute and Sallée, Jean-Baptiste), In Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, volume 126, . (e2020JC016550 2020JC016550) [bibtex] [doi]
Influence of ocean salinity stratification on the tropical Atlantic Ocean surface (Gévaudan, Manon, Jouanno, Julien, Durand, Fabien, Morvan, Guillaume, Renault, Lionel and Samson, Guillaume), In Climate Dynamics, Springer, volume 57, . [bibtex] [doi]
Assessment of NEMO simulated surface current with HF radar along Andhra Pradesh coast (Imranali M. Momin, A. K. Mitra and R. Bhatla), In J. Earth Syst. Sci., volume 130(69), . (This article is part of the topical collection: Advances in Coastal Research) [bibtex] [doi]
A Schwarz iterative method to evaluate ocean–atmosphere coupling schemes: implementation and diagnostics in IPSL-CM6-SW-VLR (Marti, Olivier, Nguyen, Sébastien, Braconnot, Pascale, Valcke, Sophie, Lemarié, Florian and Blayo, Eric), In Geosci. Model Dev., volume 14, . [bibtex] [doi]
East Australian Cyclones and Air-Sea Feedbacks (Sérazin, G., Di Luca, A., Sen Gupta, A., Rogé, M., Jourdain, N. C., Argüeso, D. and Bull, C. Y. S.), In Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, volume 126, . (e2020JD034391 2020JD034391) [bibtex] [doi]
Assessment of a regional physical–biogeochemical stochastic ocean model. Part 1: Ensemble generation (Vassilios D. Vervatis, Pierre De Mey-Frémaux , Nadia Ayoub, John Karagiorgos, Malek Ghantous, Marios Kailas, Charles-Emmanuel Testut and Sarantis Sofianos), In Ocean Modelling, volume 160, . [bibtex] [doi]
Assessment of a regional physical–biogeochemical stochastic ocean model. Part 2: Empirical consistency (Vassilios D. Vervatis, Pierre De Mey-Frémaux, Nadia Ayoub, John Karagiorgos, Stefano Ciavatta, Robert J.W. Brewin and Sarantis Sofianos), In Ocean Modelling, volume 160, . [bibtex] [doi]
Evaluating the physical and biogeochemical state of the global ocean component of UKESM1 in CMIP6 historical simulations (Yool, A., Palmiéri, J., Jones, C. G., de Mora, L., Kuhlbrodt, T., Popova, E. E., Nurser, A. J. G., Hirschi, J., Blaker, A. T., Coward, A. C., Blockley, E. W., and Sellar, A. A.), In Geosci. Model Dev., . [bibtex] [doi]


Impact of chlorophyll concentration on thermodynamics and dynamics in the tropical Indian ocean (Anitha Gera, Ashis K. Mitra, Julian P. McCreary, Raleigh Hood and Imranali M. Momin), In Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, volume 179, . (The Second International Indian Ocean Expedition (IIOE-2): Motivating New Exploration in a Poorly Understood Ocean Basin Volume 3)) [bibtex] [doi]
Presentation and Evaluation of the IPSL‐CM6A‐LR Climate Model (Boucher, Olivier, Servonnat, Jérôme, Albright, Anna Lea, Aumont, Olivier, Balkanski, Yves, Bastrikov, Vladislav, Bekki, Slimane, Bonnet, Rémy, Bony, Sandrine, Bopp, Laurent, Braconnot, Pascale, Brockmann, Patrick, Cadule, Patricia, Caubel, Arnaud, Cheruy, Frederique, Codron, Francis, Cozic, Anne, Cugnet, David, D'Andrea, Fabio, Davini, Paolo, Lavergne, Casimir, Denvil, Sébastien, Deshayes, Julie, Devilliers, Marion, Ducharne, Agnes, Dufresne, Jean‐Louis, Dupont, Eliott, Éthé, Christian, Fairhead, Laurent, Falletti, Lola, Flavoni, Simona, Foujols, Marie‐Alice, Gardoll, Sébastien, Gastineau, Guillaume, Ghattas, Josefine, Grandpeix, Jean‐Yves, Guenet, Bertrand, Guez, E., Lionel, Guilyardi, Eric, Guimberteau, Matthieu, Hauglustaine, Didier, Hourdin, Frédéric, Idelkadi, Abderrahmane, Joussaume, Sylvie, Kageyama, Masa, Khodri, Myriam, Krinner, Gerhard, Lebas, Nicolas, Levavasseur, Guillaume, Lévy, Claire, Li, Laurent, Lott, François, Lurton, Thibaut, Luyssaert, Sebastiaan, Madec, Gurvan, Madeleine, Jean‐Baptiste, Maignan, Fabienne, Marchand, Marion, Marti, Olivier, Mellul, Lidia, Meurdesoif, Yann, Mignot, Juliette, Musat, Ionela, Ottlé, Catherine, Peylin, Philippe, Planton, Yann, Polcher, Jan, Rio, Catherine, Rochetin, Nicolas, Rousset, Clément, Sepulchre, Pierre, Sima, Adriana, Swingedouw, Didier, Thiéblemont, Rémi, Traore, Abdoul Khadre, Vancoppenolle, Martin, Vial, Jessica, Vialard, Jérôme, Viovy, Nicolas and Vuichard, Nicolas), In J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst., volume 12, . [bibtex] [doi]
Impact of dust in PMIP-CMIP6 mid-Holocene simulations with the IPSL model (Braconnot, P., Albani, S., Balkanski, Y., Cozic, A., Kageyama, M., Sima, A., Marti, O. and Peterschmitt, J.-Y.), In Climate of the Past Discussions, volume 2020, . [bibtex] [doi]
Mid-Holocene to present-day evolution of the Indian monsoon in transient global simulations (Crétat, Julien, Braconnot, Pascale, Terray, Pascal, Marti, Olivier and Falasca, Fabrizio), In Clim. Dyn., volume 55, . [bibtex] [doi]
Investigating the impact of atmosphere–wave–ocean interactions on a Mediterranean tropical-like cyclone (G. Varlas, V. Vervatis, C. Spyrou, E. Papadopoulou, A. Papadopoulos and P. Katsafados), In Ocean Modelling, volume 153, . [bibtex] [doi]
Quantifying processes contributing to marine hazards to inform coastal climate resilience assessments, demonstrated for the Caribbean Sea (Jevrejeva, S., Bricheno, L., Brown, J., Byrne, D., De Dominicis, M., Matthews, A., Rynders, S., Palanisamy, H. and Wolf, J.), In Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, . [bibtex] [doi]
The Impact of Tides on the Bay of Biscay Dynamics (John Karagiorgos, Vassilios Vervatis and Sarantis Sofianos), In Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, MDPI AG, volume 8, . [bibtex] [doi]
Testing of kinetic energy backscatter parameterizations in the NEMO ocean model (Perezhogin, Pavel A), In Russian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling, De Gruyter, volume 35, . [bibtex] [doi]
Iron Incorporation From Seawater Into Antarctic Sea Ice: A Model Study (Person, Renaud, Vancoppenolle, Martin and Aumont, Olivier), In Global Biogeochemical Cycles, . [bibtex] [doi]
IPSL-CM5A2 – an Earth system model designed for multi-millennial climate simulations (Sepulchre, Pierre, Caubel, Arnaud, Ladant, Jean-Baptiste, Bopp, Laurent, Boucher, Olivier, Braconnot, Pascale, Brockmann, Patrick, Cozic, Anne, Donnadieu, Yannick, Dufresne, Jean-Louis, Estella-Perez, Victor, Ethé, Christian, Fluteau, Frédéric, Foujols, Marie-Alice, Gastineau, Guillaume, Ghattas, Josefine, Hauglustaine, Didier, Hourdin, Frédéric, Kageyama, Masa, Khodri, Myriam, Marti, Olivier, Meurdesoif, Yann, Mignot, Juliette, Sarr, Anta-Clarisse, Servonnat, Jérôme, Swingedouw, Didier, Szopa, Sophie and Tardif, Delphine), In Geophys. Res. Lett., volume 13, . [bibtex] [doi]
The impact of northern Indian Ocean rivers on the Bay of Bengal using NEMO global ocean model (Srivastava, Atul, Gera, Anitha, Momin, Imran M., Mitra, Ashis Kumar and Gupta, Ankur), In Acta Oceanologica Sinica, Springer Science and Business Media LLC, volume 39, . [bibtex] [doi]
Development of a semi-Lagrangian advection scheme for the NEMO ocean model (3.1) (Subich, Christopher, Pellerin, Pierre, Smith, Gregory and Dupont, Frederic), In Geoscientific Model Development, volume 13, . (Publisher: Copernicus GmbH) [bibtex] [doi]
Variability of water exchanges through the Strait of Hormuz (Vasou, Panagiotis, Vervatis, Vassilios, Krokos, George, Hoteit, Ibrahim and Sofianos, Sarantis), In Ocean Dynamics, volume 70, . [bibtex] [doi]