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The NEMO System Team 

The NEMO System Team is in charge of the shared NEMO reference, and its evolutions. The members of this team are the experts on the NEMO system:

  • on the user side: the System Team ensures the user support on the NEMO reference, including the reference configurations (but not all the configurations build and used by specific projects);
  • on the developer's side: the System Team ensures the sustainable development of NEMO. If a development is expected to be included in the reference as some point, preliminary discussions with the System team appears to be useful

Role and Responsibilities

Carries out the agreed plan and schedule of work approved by the steering committee.

This work may include:

  •  Incorporation into NEMO of new developments (scientific or technical)
  •  Re-organisation of code to improve its readability, orthogonality or structure
  •  Optimisation of NEMO on the computers available in the consortium
  •  Maintenance of the paper and on-line documentation
  •  Configuration control of the available versions of NEMO
  •  Testing and release of new versions (typically once or twice a year)
  •  Making NEMO readily available to the scientific community and members of the consortium
  •  Providing assistance to users
  •  Support for user meetings (held typically once a year)
  •  Assistance in scientific development in an area of high priority

How to contact us: The NEMO System Team mailing list

How to find informations

  • The documentation on the web site: Using NEMO, Developping NEMO, Users guide, Reports,
  • The FAQ pages
  • The forum pages
  • The archives of the Users mailing list, including the newsletter


Name Institution







Christian Ethé CNRS           LOCEAN-IPSL, Paris 50  
Simona Flavoni CNRS           LOCEAN-IPSL, Paris 50 CNRS NEMO officer
Pierre-Antoine Bouttier CNRS           LGGE-OSUG,   Grenoble 50  
Claire Lévy CNRS           LOCEAN-IPSL, Paris 100 NEMO Project Manager & System Team Coordinator
Gurvan Madec CNRS           LOCEAN-IPSL, Paris 30 NEMO Scientific Leader
Sébastien Masson CNRS/CNAP LOCEAN-IPSL, Paris 50  
Clément Rousset CNRS           LOCEAN-IPSL, Paris 50  
Nicolas Martin CNRS           LOCEAN-IPSL, Paris 50  
Dorotea Iovino CMCC 40 CMCC NEMO Officer
Silvia Mocavero CMCC 20  
Tomas Lovato CMCC 20  
Stefania Ciliberti CMCC  20  
Andrea Storto CMCC 0  
Emanuela Clementi INGV 30 INGV NEMO Officer
Damiano Del Rosso INGV 40  
Gelsomina Mattia INGV 30  
Andrew Coward NERC-NOC, Southampton 60 NOC NEMO Officer
George Nurser NERC-NOC, Southampton 10  
James Harle NERC-NOC, Liverpool 30  
Clément Bricaud Mercator Océan, Toulouse 40 Mercator NEMO officer
Guillaume Reffray Mercator Océan, Toulouse 20  
Jérôme Chanut Mercator Océan, Toulouse 20  
Julien Paul Mercator Océan, Toulouse 20  
Tim Graham Met Office, Exeter 40 Met Office NEMO officer
Enda O’Dea Met Office, Exeter 20  
Dave Storkey Met Office, Exeter 20  
Pierre Mathiot Met Office, Exeter 20  



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