NEMO configuration manager announcement

Release of NEMO Configuration Manager

We are pleased to announce the first release of the NEMO configuration manager.
 This software called SIREN, allows you to set up regional configuration of NEMO.
 The software is written in FORTRAN95 and available in the NEMOGCM/TOOLS directory of nemo_v3_6_STABLE (since revision 6468).
 SIREN allows you to create your own regional configuration embedded in a wider one.
 Actually SIREN is a set of programs to create the input files you need to run a NEMO regional configuration.
     - create_coord.f90 to create regional grid coordinates (refined from an ORCA grid). 
         Note: for now SIREN can not work too close from North pole.
     - create_bathy.f90 to create regional grid bathymetry (extracted or refined from wider one).
     - merge_bathy.f90 to merge regional grid bathymetry with wider grid bathymetry at boundaries.
     - create_restart.f90 to create initial state file from coarse grid restart or standard outputs.
     - create_boundary.F90 to create boundaries conditions from wider configurations output fields.
 As demonstrator for a first start, a set of GLORYS files (global reanalysis on ORCA025 grid), as well as examples of namelists are available here

SIREN documentation can be created using doxygen (see the README file on SIREN repository for more explanation)
 In this documentation you could find a quick start guide to help you to start with SIREN.
 A summary of the NEMO community’s feedbacks on this first release of the Configuration Manager will be discussed during next Developer’s Committee, 28 June. It would be of great help for us to get your comments and feedbacks of your first tris before this date. Pease post your questions or comments regarding the use of SIREN in the NEMO configuration manager forum here.